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Noise Awareness pizza boxes laid to r...


It was the best year yet for the Noise Awareness festival, and once again pizza was the sustenance that helped sustain the sonic mayhem into the early hours of the morning. Could it be that the intense sounds of that evening are now somehow encoded in the fibers of cardboard like grooves on a record – or perhaps in […]

Herbalism: Homegrown & Homemade ...

Herbalism: Homegrown & Homemade with Beth Hall

Artist and Herbalist Beth Hall gives a talk on medicinal herbs and demonstrates how to make homemade herbal preparations for the Mason’s School of Art’s EcoArt course.  

The Real Food Challenge GMU

The Real Food Challenge GMU

Participant Julie Ross PROJECT PROPOSAL The issue of focus is food in the dining halls and the lack of transparency surrounding it. Students literally don’t know what is in their food or where it is coming from. In order to have a safer and healthier food environment on campus, there needs to be more information […]

The Navy Shower

The Navy Shower

The Navy Shower by Julie Ross PROJECT PROPOSAL The biological process of cleaning oneself in order to retain good health and/or attract a mate meets the cultural idea of shower as a place to become more beautiful or relax or think. Cleanliness is not the only objective in the shower. If it was and the […]

Ask Me Anything: No Show


While studying activist art forms, the Eco-Art course took an on-campus field trip to President Cabrera’s “Ask Me Anything” Event. The class had learned that a student group called “Transparent GMU” would attend the town-hall styled meeting with the President of George Mason University and intended to ask questions regarding GMU’s involvement with the Koch […]

Water Taste Test


Water Tasting A project by Paul Beatty for AVT 385 EcoArt Issue = Plastic Water Bottle Waste Method of Activism = Demonstration / Participatory Event Suggestion = Conduct a water tasting activity in which people taste a variety of waters and state which is the best. Inform them about water regulations and plastic consumption/waste Bottled […]

Farifax: 3 Construction Sites


Farifax: 3 Construction Sites A project by Paul Beatty for AVT 385 EcoArt Documentation and Project Summary: In order to convey how previously tree-dominated areas and local farms have succumbed to large-scale construction projects, I have documented numerous construction sites that I have come across during my normal daily travel routine (Burke to Fairfax/GMU).  Over […]

Weed Salad


A lesson in common edible lawn “weeds” ends with EcoArt course members making a salad from plants they’ve foraged from the Green Studio.

Sue Spaid Lecture


Earthworks: Swale & Berm

Earthworks: Swale & Berm

Earthworks: Swale and Berm construction workshop by Mark Cooley for New Century College students.