Calling America is an internet-based oral histories project that explores the possibilities of popular communications technologies in the practice of participatory journalism, documentary and the preservation of people's histories. Calling America programs make use of cellular telephones and related technologies in conjunction with blogging platforms in the process of producing blog-based documentaries - or blogumentaries - concerning various sites of activist and grass-roots led organizational practices in the United States.

March on the Pentagon - Program Archive
A diverse group of activists from across the U.S. record their journeys to the historic March on the Pentagon, March 17 2007. Beginning seven days prior to the event each contributor recorded a daily audio blog entry via land-line or cellular telephone in which they reflected on their personal and political motivations for protesting the war in Iraq, discussed strategy and acted as citizen journalists documenting their travels to Washington D.C. from throughout the United States.

Footprints in the Sand - Currently Under Development
This is a document of simple human actions taken to save the lives of other human beings. Footprints in the Sand will record the experiences, recollections and motivations of a diverse group of men and women who volunteer to travel into the desert carrying water for desperate travelers. It takes place along a two thousand mile militarized artificial line known as the border.

Survivor's Dispatch - Currently Under Development
Two years after Katrina official plans to rebuild New Orleans have largely dismissed the city's low-income public housing residents. These are the voices of individuals engaged in the struggle to rebuild those vital communities